Curtis Merritt Boat Harbor Slip #72, Chincoteague VA

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We have openings for the 2016 Pony Swim! Wednesday July 27th the main swim from Assateague to Chincoteague, and Friday July 29th the return swim from Chincoteague back to Assateague.

Wild Pony, Scenic, Sunset, Dolphin & Birding Tours!

We cruise Assateague Island providing breathtaking views of the famous Chincoteague ponies, or Assateague horses as they are sometimes called.   Folklore has it that in the 1600's the horses escaped a Spanish galleon and swam shoreward to Assateague Island, forever after making their home there.   Sail with us to see these beautiful and playful animals in their new native home.

The beautiful waters that surround Chincoteague and Assateague Islands are home to abundant wildlife.

Bird watchers will be amazed at the variety including bald eagles, white herons, blue herons, pelicans, oyster catchers, snowy egrets, ruddy turnstones, cormorants, plovers, arctic terns, Louisiana herons and many more!   Sit back and enjoy a peaceful water tour of the area, capped-off by a visit with the wild horses of Assateague Island.

Bring your camera, mobile device and video recorder to capture your thrilling adventure.   Bring a hat to block the sun, water and plenty of sun block!

You can bring food, beverages and coolers on your trip.   We are very easy going and we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.   Kick-back, let your worries slip away and allow Captain Barnacle Bill and crew to guide you through the waterways of Chincoteague Bay and Assateague Bay!

See the Assateague Light House, Chincoteague Ponies and Dolphins!

We have guided visitors from all over the world - as far away as Singapore!   If you are on your vacation and are visiting from Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, New York or beyond, you will enjoy the laid-back guiding provided by Captain Bill!

A native of Chincoteague Island, Captain Bill will make you feel at ease with his first-hand knowledge of the island and its surroundings.  Passengers on our boat will relax and enjoy the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia.   There really is no place like it on earth!   Chincoteague has not strayed too far from its early beginnings in 1650, where the easy-going attitude puts everyone on the island - natives and visitors alike - on island time!

Misty of Chincoteague Folklore

If you have read the famous books about Chincoteague Ponies - Misty of Chincoteague, Stormy and Sea Star - then you owe it to yourself to see first-hand these playful, cute and powerful animals in their natural setting of the salt marshes, woodlands and beaches.  See baby colts dashing about while the females watch over the playtime and the ruling stallion observes nearby.   This is a truly breathtaking experience that you and your family will never forget - and we typically get very close to this marvelous spectacle!

It is a very relaxing experience to cruise the waters and see all of the birds, the Chincoteague Ponies, deer, dolphins, bald eagles and much, much more!   Come cruise with us and make your day something special!

Assateague Boat Tours

We explore around Assateague Island, slowly touring the waters and discussing and pointing-out all of the sites that make-up the beauty and splendor of the Chincoteague area!

Assateague Boat Cruises

We cruise around Assateague Island and Chincoteague Island so that you can get the best views of wild Chincoteague ponies, dolphins, the Assateague Island lighthouse and all of the other Eastern Shore of Virginia natural wonders!

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